Have sex in new ways. That's the game.
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The Sex Challenge app on a white iPhone

What is It?

Okay, so the whole point of the game is for you to have sex in new places and ways. That's pretty much it. Along the way you'll earn badges, levels, compare stats with friends, and other fun stuff. But it's pretty much about the sex.
And it goes something like this:

1) Create a Game

Making games is pretty simple. First you choose a difficulty and then how many times you want to do it. You'll have a day to complete each one, so a 1-grind game will last 24 hrs, a 2-grind game 48 hrs, and so on.

The Sex Challenge create game screen
The Sex Challenge game board screen

2) Pick Your Spot

This is the game board and it shows where you'll be having sex. Tap the buttons to pull up descriptions and instructions for any of the grinds.

3) Have Sex

Now we get to the fun part! If you chose an easier level then you'll be doing it all over the house, and the harder ones...well, if you chose a harder level then you'll be having sex in some pretty interesting places this week.

Polaroids of places people could have sex
The Sex Challenge Nature Lover badge screen

4) Earn Stuff

You'll earn all kinds of badges and levels by completing grinds thoughout the course of the game. You get this one for doing it outside. (you know you want to)

5) Compare Stats

It's easy to link up with your friends and see where they've been doing it. This screen shows the Easy grinds that you (purple) and your friends have completed. Other stats are things like badges people have earned, their best times for different games, and so on.

The Sex Challenge Stats screen
Condom telling visitors to download The Sex Challenge for free
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